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Susan K. Wilson, D.D.S. 

Maurina L. Brooks, D.D.S.

Top 10 Dentistry Clinics in Columbus, OH 2016
Hot Smile Dental Dr. Susan Wilson's Practice has been recognized as one of the top Columbus Dentistry practices.
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"Dear Dr. Wilson,

     Thank you and your staff for an outstanding job in creating a denture to replace my two front teeth.

     The change in my everyday life during the last two years has been remarkable.  The improvement in my appearance and my previous bad breath has been phenomenal. 

     This denture has improved my dental health to the best it has been since a devastating accident, when I was about nine years old, [that] cracked my two front teeth. 

     This testimony is unsolicited and given of my own volition.

You, Dr. Wilson, are the most thorough, the most diligent, and the most compassionate dentist I have ever had."

                                                                JAH, Columbus OH 

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